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No Time Limit -

Fresno Wedding photographer Pat Fontes offers his services from Bakersfield to Modesto, from Los Banos to Sanger. On request Pat Fontes will travel throughout California to photograph your wedding.

Scroll down for packages and prices. Pat Fontes offers a wide array of pricing.
You receive all high res, fully edited images with most packages.

Fresno wedding photographer Pat Fontes, "My sole purpose as a wedding photographer is to give you the best possible service and photography. I sincerely enjoy capturing  weddings."

With so many wedding photographers in the greater Fresno County area, which one do you choose? A wide range of professional and amateur photographers pop up in Google and social media, differing greatly in prices, experience and quality. Wedding photos are like tattoos – you really get what you pay for, you only get one chance at it, and the memory is set forever.

Add an Engagement Session to either the Bronze or Silver for $350 
Add a mini video of the First Dance, Mother and Son dance and Father and Bride Dance for $500

"Pop the Question" Beach Engagement
Fresno wedding photographer

Fresno wedding photographer

Wedding Packages and Prices


~ ADD VIDEO to any package below for $1,500. Video may include (depending on the package) engagement shoot, the ceremony and reception.
~ If only video is desired alone without photography, the price for full wedding day coverage plus an engagement shoot is $1,900
~ Client shall receive a fully edited movie. Movie will include engagement session, interviews with bride, groom, family and friends, and wedding day footage.
~ Also included: a Save the Date short video created from the Engagement session. This could be used on social media.


40% deposit secures your date

Additional Items Menu:
1) Studio-style portrait set up with studio lighting and backdrop. Capture every guest, family member and couple with a gorgeous portrait. - add $500.00

2) Mini-video:  Video of the first, traditional dances during the reception

Diamond Package. $4,100

1. Engagement  Love Story video

2Engagement Photo Session: 

       a. Save the Date digital postcard
       b. 200 5x7 postcards (more may be ordered)

3. All-day wedding shoot (no time limit)*  
       a. Two photographers
       b. Pre-ceremony photos
       c. Ceremony
       d. Group shots
       e. Reception

4. Prints Included:
       a. 12x12 Leather Wedding Photo Book (30 pages)
       b. 1 16x20 framed print
       c. 2 11x14’s, 10 8x10’s, 10 5x7’s
       d. 1 16x20 canvas print
       d. 200 thank you postcards        
       e. 700-900 high res, fully edited images on a flash drive. Each image edited in Photoshop.
       f.  200 4x6 photo album
       g. a beautiful, creative 11x14 collage print made up of highlight photos
       h. Online viewing gallery with ability for guests, family and friends to purchase prints 

Gold Package. $3,100 -

1. Engagement Session:
       a. Save the Date digital postcard 
       b. 200 5x7 postcards (more may be ordered)

2. Photography services (no time limit)
       a. Pre-ceremony photos/ Bride dressing
       b. Ceremony
       c. Group shots
       d. Reception

3. Prints Included:
       a. 1 16x20 
       b. 5 8x10’s, 5 5x7’s
       c. 500-700 high res, fully edited images on a flash drive. Each image edited in Photoshop.
       d. 200 4x6 photo album
       e. Online viewing gallery with ability for guests, family and friends to purchase prints

Silver Package. $2,200 -

Photography services - includes pre-noon, pre-ceremony/bride dressing if desired, & reception (no time limit).
      a. pre-ceremony photography
       b. Ceremony
       c. Group shots
       d. Reception
2. Prints Included:
      a. 400-500 high res, fully edited images on a flash drive. Each image edited in Photoshop.
      b. Online viewing gallery with ability for guests, family and friends to purchase prints

Bronze Package $1,500 - (photographer arrives 1 hour before the ceremony)
Photography Services - includes ceremony and reception
      a. ceremony     
     b. group shots   
      c. reception
2. Prints Included:     
     a. 200-300 high res, fully edited images on a flash drive. Each image edited in Photoshop.           b. Online viewing gallery with ability for guests, family and friends to purchase prints

* "No Time Limit" means there is no definite set amount of time when I am packing my bags and leaving. I made a decision to be at your wedding through the whole event in order to save you one more thing to worry about. While many photographers define a certain amount of hours, like 4 or 5, I realize that even 5 hours may be too constraining a time for your celebration. I leave when all the major events have already taken place during the reception, after the toasts and speeches, the first dances, the cake cutting and poses with relatives. I leave after about 30 minutes or so into the dance floor period, the last stage of your event.

Fresno wedding photographer Pat Fontes serves the greater Central Valley region: Fresno, Clovis, Madera, Sanger, Merced, Chowchilla, Kerman, Kingsburg, Oakhurst, Mendota, Visalia.

1) Experience: I have over twenty years of photographic experience. Ask your potential wedding photographers how much experience they have. Like any other profession, more years typically equals better quality, closer attention to detail, and hard lessons learned  in the past. If you hire a photographer with little experience, you might just be that hard lesson, and regret your decision to hire a 'newby.'

2) Knowledge: Simply buying a cool camera and pushing buttons does not make a good wedding photographer. A wedding photographer must know their tools, the settings on their camera, the essentials of taking a great photo like lighting, composition and color. In my early 20s I went through the photography program at Fresno City College and learned about the art form and trade. I have intense passion for photography, but passion is not enough--passion plus knowledge makes a good wedding photographer.

3) Aesthetics: Lighting, Composition, Color. This is where experience, knowledge and passion all come together to form a great quality photo for you, the client. Look at the photos your potential wedding photographers have on their website. (Oh yeah, a side note, they should have a website, this shows their professionalism and that they aren't some 'fly-by-night' operation that will take your down payment and not show up at the wedding.)

a. Lighting: Your wedding photographer should know how to use lighting, both ambient natural and camera lighting. Lighting can make or break a photograph and no amount of Photoshop might save a poorly lighted image. Lighting doesn't only mean how lit up a subject is, but how light and dark play together to create shadows, how light skims lightly across surfaces like the face, highlighting features from the side, and how light illuminates various sections of the photo leading the eye on a path of observation.

b. Composition: How well does the photographer frame the subjects? Every image should be shot with the idea of a picture frame in mind. There should be little to no waste areas beyond the subjects photographed. Newby photographers will often photography needless items that distract from the important wedding moment.

c. Color: There is a fad among many wedding photographers to soften all their photos, in both color saturation and sharpness. This turns every wedding photograph into a Hallmark Special filter, like too many kisses from your aunt who wears too much perfume. Lazy wedding photographers will run their images through a filter that places soft lighting and soft hues to all their photos, with little work. Take a look at my photos--they are colorful, vibrant and alive. Why? I spend time on every single photo in Photoshop, making sure that color, saturation and vibrance--I darken some areas, and lighten others. I spend a great amount of time editing your photos in order to ensure you receive the highest quality possible. I have over 20 years experience with Photoshop. I hope you choose me - give me a call, or text 559.724.1757

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