Photography by Patrick Fontes, PhD

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Current Project: RAGE

We are living through momentous, trying times. A national and global pandemic, the shutdown of public places, schools closed, millions out of work, relationships on hold, a lack of leadership, the schisms among the races, the cultural war over American history and monuments, divides becoming chasms:  all causing anxiety and rage in many if not most Americans. 
Do you have rage? What issues have caused a swell of rage inside your heart and mind?

I am currently seeking participants. Shooting portraits of people letting rage out through yelling or screaming. I would also like you to share what enrages you in our current situation and moment in time. Please call or text

"The state of race relations, it gets to a stage where we have to ask ourselves, 'are we still at this point in our society, and have we learned nothing yet?"

                                                                                                  Kyle Hunt, aka Shadow

Current Project: RAGE

Current Project: Fresno Bike Series

Current Project: Carts

photo montages 20x30

Homeless woman
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