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Patrick's influences include working class culture, US and California history and, all the grit, dust, sweat, tears and joy Fresno, California has to offer. In the 1980s Patrick lived his teen years as a  hardcore punk, an influence still profound in his life and creative works.
Patrick received a PhD in American history from Stanford University, and currently teaches at a local college in Fresno.

“As you will see in my galleries, my tastes are eclectic, yet, there is a common theme of marginality, peripheries, in spaces and momentary windows in our culture that might remain hidden to the passerby if not for a click of the shutter.” Call or text today to speak with Patrick, 559.724.1757

Patrick's poetry collection may be purchased from Bone and Ink Press:
Mountains of Rust

Patrick's novel "Maria's Purgatorio" may be purchased on Amazon:
Maria's Purgatorio

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