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Do you have older loved ones who have stories you want to record? Do you have a grandparent, parent or perhaps a great aunt that has lived a rich life full of wonderful personal stories? Or perhaps you want to record your life history to leave as a legacy to your children and descendants? Family history and stories matter, not only to your loved one, but also to you, and your children, and to their children. Family history is such a precious thing to let slip by. Don't regret not making the decision to record soon. In addition to being a professional photographer, I am also a Stanford-trained historian with experience in oral histories.

Let me sit with your loved one, and converse with them about their life, and record these experiences for you, your children and posterity.

1) 3-5  sessions of in-home interviews (depending on how long each one takes)
2) Scanning and recording of relevant photographs, recipes, diaries, and other documents included in the body of the final book
3) Professional portraits of interviewee
4) Designing of a professional hardcover book, I call Personal, Biographical History.  

Cost $400, includes one hardcover book (more may be ordered)
$200 deposit, payments may be spread out and paid at each session

Genealogical research also offered for additional fee.
Travel fee if outside of Fresno County 

Please email, or text 559.724.1757 Patrick

Family Histories

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