Laura Splotch, Fresno, CA

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Q: What enrages you about our society?

A: I’m raging about the medical society, how misinformation is pushing this forward to a political end which I don’t agree with. I don’t like the state of the Union, the elected officials we have right now are bullshit. I think as a whole, as a society, we need to pull back away from the elected officials. Vote in November but don’t vote for the wrong people, vote for people who mean something, not people who buy your vote – don’t fall into that. And wear a mask, just wear your mask, it’s not going to hurt you, if anything it’s going to help you, it’s going to save your ass. So many people walk around without a mask on, thinking it’s so bad, then they and all their family come down with Corona. Too many people I know have died from it already. Push away the politics. Just believe in science.

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